CrossTrac Equipment



Made right here in Wisconsin, TimberPro produces some of the best harvesters and forwarders in the industry. Their track harvester is extremely popular and well known around the region. The 700 series TimberPro is available in many different sizes and configurations. Hills and tough terrain are not an issue for this carrier! Click on the link below to learn more about the tracked harvester and the different options that are available for you!

TimberPro also offers a wheeled machine that can be used as a harvester, forwarder or even both! With features like removable bunks the opportunities and applications are endless for this machine.

TimberPro machines have been proven effective in many other applications other than forwarding logs in the forest. Our machines can be used to move logs in mill yards, set mats in the pipeline industry, and most importantly as a combo machine equipped with a quick detach boom to allow conversion from a forwarder to a harvester in about 10 minutes.

Click below to check out the different models that CrossTrac Equipment has to offer!

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